Covid-19 Protocols

We’re still taking extra precautions at this time in the way we conduct our normal business. We will continue to keep our staff and pet parents as safe as possible by servicing you through our modified curbside service protocol, regardless of your vaccine status.

What is our current modified curbside service protocol? (Updated 6/7/2021):

Coming inside– you now have the option of coming inside the building for the duration of your pet’s appointment ONLY. Only 1 person is allowed inside the building per appointment (No exceptions!). We require you to wear a face mask that covers both your mouth and nose the entire time you are in the building. You must comply with using hand sanitizer & allowing staff to record your temperature upon entering the building. If you cannot or do not comply with the above requirements, we will require your appointment remain curbside. Clients will need to call KCAC once they arrive, be checked in over the phone, and a staff member will either call you once a room becomes available to have you meet them at the front door, or a staff member will meet you at your vehicle to escort you inside. We ask that clients remain in the exam room at all times and do not wander our front lobby. We have also instructed our employees to maintain the recommended safe, 6 foot distance from pet owners as best they can. Please don’t be offended if they need to remind you how to properly wear your face mask or take a few steps back while talking to you. For more info, give us a call – 757-886-1300 

Curbside service appointments are still available. Food, medication, boarding, and surgery drop-off or pick-up’s, as well as technician appointments, will remain curbside service only.

-We are asking any staff member that is not feeling well or may have been exposed to stay home. This may limit the number of staff members we have available to complete a normal business day. Please be patient with us if you are experiencing longer than normal wait times.

-If you’ve traveled out of the country in the past 2 weeks, are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, or have potentially been exposed to the virus, please do not bring your pet in. Call us to make other arrangements for your pet to be seen (Having a friend or family member drop off is an option).