Veterinary Assistant

From Bianca herself:

“Hello to all!
My name is Bianca and I’m a Veterinary Assistant here at Kiln Creek Animal Care.
I was born and raised in Portsmouth, VA. I’ve grown up with a wide range of pets. I’ve had everything, from cats & dogs to ball pythons, tree frogs, and ferrets. I’ve always been a lover of animals big & small. My dream job growing up was to become a Veterinarian. As an adult, that dream was sidetracked as I ended up as a Paralegal working for the Hampton General District Court House and a few law firms. When I realized I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my then career path, I made a career change and began employment with the Portsmouth Humane Society. Thus my journey back to my dream began gaining valuable knowledge and experience in the veterinary field. Now, I have proficiency in areas such as reception, kennel, to monitoring patients under anesthesia. I’m now feeling fulfilled in my employment at Kiln Creek and believe the career change has brought me exactly where I want to be and loving what I do!”