We’re still taking extra precautions at this time in the way we conduct our normal business. We will continue to keep our staff and pet parents as safe as possible by servicing you through our modified curbside service protocol, regardless of your vaccine status.


What is our current modified curbside service protocol? (Updated 6/7/2021):

Coming inside– you now have the option of coming inside the building for the duration of your pet’s appointment ONLY. Only 1 person is allowed inside the building per appointment (No exceptions!). We require you to wear a face mask that covers both your mouth and nose the entire time you are in the building. You must comply with using hand sanitizer & allowing staff to record your temperature upon entering the building. If you cannot or do not comply with the above requirements, we will require your appointment remain curbside. Clients will need to call KCAC once they arrive, be checked in over the phone, and a staff member will either call you once a room becomes available to have you meet them at the front door, or a staff member will meet you at your vehicle to escort you inside. We ask that clients remain in the exam room at all times and do not wander our front lobby. We have also instructed our employees to maintain the recommended safe, 6 foot distance from pet owners as best they can. Please don’t be offended if they need to remind you how to properly wear your face mask or take a few steps back while talking to you. For more info, give us a call – 757-886-1300 


Curbside service appointments are still available. Food, medication, boarding, and surgery drop-off or pick-up’s, as well as technician appointments, will remain curbside service only.


-We are asking any staff member that is not feeling well or may have been exposed to stay home. This may limit the number of staff members we have available to complete a normal business day. Please be patient with us if you are experiencing longer than normal wait times.


-If you’ve traveled out of the country in the past 2 weeks, are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, or have potentially been exposed to the virus, please do not bring your pet in. Call us to make other arrangements for your pet to be seen (Having a friend or family member drop off is an option).

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Very good & we appreciate the covid safety measures you’re taking!

Vickie Miles1/10/2021

Their isn’t a single bad thing to say about your company. It is one of the BEST vet offices I’ve been too, many vets only care about money but you guys seem to care about the animals very much. I wanted to find a vet I could build a relationship with and I have I feel comfortable placing Rex in your care.

Alex Brashears1/6/2021

Everything went smoothly and it didn't take that long even with Covid constraints.

Kim Lunsford12/29/2020

As it is very hard as an owner who can’t go in and be one on one you all have made it incredibly easy and comforting to know that my loved one getting the best care. You’re good about answering questions. Communication is awesome. I know how hard it is on you all is well.

Mary Neale12/25/2020

You are doing great! Your staff and the doctors are so personable and eager to be of help. They are very sweet with my dog, who is scared to death. And of course they have up-to-date technology and get everything done quickly and the dog back to the car. We are very happy customers.

Vickie Dyer12/19/2020

I was impressed with how streamlined and efficient Delilah's first visit went. Everyone that I spoke with was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Julie Joyner11/24/2020

Kiln Creek has been the veterinarian care providers for my cats since 1994; Kacky, Pumpkin, and Bella. Several of the doctors have cared for them over their lifetime. Kacky lived almost 22 years; Pumpkin almost 14, and Bella is a healthy little blue-eyed charmer at 6 years. I wouldn't trust their care to anyone other vet clinic. Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do by my fur babies!

Lillian Deloney10/24/2020

In light of COVID, you have adapted well to a difficult environment. Service and communication were great. Thank you for your prompt reply and request for service.

Ron Casaubon9/11/2020

I really appreciate how hard the staff tries to make sure my pet is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I also like how quick they are with their responses and communication, and that the facility is nice and clean.

Cameron Green7/19/2020

I have always been extremely happy with all my visits and outcome. I am especially happy the Dr has time to call and explain what she has done and how Zoey is doing.

Judith Otto5/31/2020

The Kiln Creek staff was quick to see Athena and I think they have adjusted very well during the Coronavirus outbreak. We may have stayed in our car, but the telecommunication that happened while Athena was inside was perfect enough for me!

Kaitlin Merli4/21/2020

You are the kindest group of people. The care you give to our dogs goes beyond the routine care. We don't really have a lot of experience with other vets because once we selected your office for our animals care we had no need to look elsewhere. We have had 3 dogs to cross the rainbow bridge and you handled it with utmost compassion and professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

William Tipps1/24/2020

We We have been going to kiln Creek veterinary clinic for over 25 years love the doctors love the staff love the way they treat our babies fur babies I would never ever go anywhere else so close to home readily available I can’t talk enough about how pleased we are with the vets

Pam Gilmore10/31/2019

This was our first visit. It was awesome to know that the vet took the time to read through my cats previous medical records from our other vet office and came with questions so she could understand what was going on better. I felt comfortable knowing that she knew the history of my cat. It was awesome that they also greeted my cat with chicken! Even though she didn’t eat it because she was scared it was a great feeling to know they were doing everything they could to make her feel more comfortable. Also the staff was very friendly, even with my energetic/excited/loud child. They offered stickers and a coloring book to help keep her occupied. At the end of the visit I loved the report that was given to me with suggestions and key points we discussed. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt comfortable. Thank you for an amazing experience, and we are so happy to have found a new vet closer to our home!

Kendall Lybert09/07/2019

The Kiln Creek Animal Care facility is "Top Notch" in all aspects of caring for pets from check in to check out. We would definitely recommend this facility to others.

Pamela Lovett08/04/2019

I love bringing Koji to Kiln Creek Animal Care! They treat him as if he was theirs! He loves going and feels right at home with them. I don’t ever feel like I’m being conned into paying for something that isn’t needed. They provide excellent care and try to find the best solutions!! Thank you for taking such good care of my baby boy!

Courtney Branch07/29/2019

I’ve had nothing but a positive experience since bringing Cookie here. I am always greeted with a smile and all of my questions are answered. What I like best, is Dr. Spannagel is always consulted for any questions staff are unsure of and get right back to me! I was nervous swapping from an ER vet, but I wish I made the switch much sooner!

Chardonnay Robinson05/21/2019

This was a wonderful experience. While the cat was just fine, it really reassured ME as I am a very anxious pet mom-my babies are family.

Deborah Brown01/25/2019

Dr. Spannagel was excellent. So happy to see her join the team! She was really good with Tucker, who, as you all know, is not the friendliest of dogs. She seems to have gained his trust quickly.

Dee Bullock02/02/2019

This was an excellent experience for my Willie who was a Kiln Creek Animal Care for the first time. He is scared to go to the Vet but with patience and care his office visit went very well! Thank you!

Pamela Phillips01/16/2019

I am really grateful for the care that Kiln Creek staff put in to finding a way to make Miyagi's vet visits a good experience for him. He had grown increasingly anxious at previous vets and was so fearful on his first visit to Kiln Creek that the staff recommended he come back again for a real exam after we discussed a way to decrease his anxiety. After coming up with a plan for keeping my food-oriented pup more interested in treats than whoever was poking him, staff can now fully examine him and he comes away happy (and full of peanut butter!). He and I no longer dread visits to the vet like I had previously. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Land12/04/2018

Compassionate, informative, understanding, patient. Also when cost is a factor I’ve experienced understanding vs impatience.

Paula Fail11/25/2018

Best vet clinic ever! Physicians and staff are incomparable! Great, professional service! Loving environment! Fun! Supportive! Immaculate! everything a pet owner could wish for!

Carol Davanay10/08/2018

This is the best veterinary office I have ever been to. The staff were kind and made my pet feel welcome.

Erin Hamilton09/26/2018

There is only good! My dog is almost 14 years old now and although she's aging, Kiln Creek vet staff are keeping her as healthy and happy as possible. They are always very gentle with her as she's extremely anxious. They know her by name (almost like Cheers if you remember the show) and it's heartwarming to see how she takes to everybody. A dog knows when someone has a caring spirit. Dr. Crist and others recommend medicines and products that will or may help alleviate her pain and give her a chance at a quality happy life. I'm tremendously grateful for all they do and highly recommend this practice.

Frances DeMarco09/26/2018

Best vet we have ever been to. We love it here.

Katie Lovell

I always feel like Hershey is family when I bring him in. That’s a comforting feeling.

James Kelly

Everyone was very friendly and efficient. The clinic was very clean, quiet, and welcoming.

Lauren Brennan

“We stop short of nothing but the best when it comes to the care of your pet.”

Kiln Creek Animal Care values the bond between pets and their families. We strive to strengthen this relationship through our veterinary care, service and education. What’s more, we feel that your pet’s mental well being is equally as important as his or her physical health. That’s why our staff is Fear Free Certified! We were one of the first veterinary hospitals on the peninsula to venture down this road, and our patients and pet parents couldn’t be happier!

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