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We stop short of nothing but the best when it comes to the care of your pet.

Kiln Creek Animal Care values the bond between pets and their families. We strive to strengthen this relationship through our veterinary care, service and education. What’s more, we feel that your pet’s mental well being is equally as important as his or her physical health. That’s why our practice is Fear Free Certified! We were one of the first veterinary hospitals in Newport News and on the peninsula to venture down this road, and our patients and pet parents couldn’t be happier!

We are here to service the cities of Newport News, VA, Yorktown, VA, Hampton, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Fort Eustis, VA, Poquoson, VA, Norfolk, VA, Portsmouth, VA, Hayes, VA, Langley Air Force Base, VA and more!

It is our mission to treat each pet as if they are a member of our own family. We practice respect, courtesy, empathy and responsibility on a daily basis. It is these characteristics that set us apart from other clinics as we want your entire experience with Kiln Creek Animal Care to be beneficial to you and your pet.

Fear Free Certified Practice

We strive to make all experiences with us as easy as they can be for you and your four-legged family members. Fear Free Certification means we have committed to mitigate, as much as possible, the anxiety, trauma and stress dogs and cats can face going to the veterinarian.


Hear what our clients are saying about us

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★★★★★ Wonderful staff so glad we found themJeff A.Jeff A. ★★★★★ Very concerned about how your pet feels. Extremely caring and helpful.Ginneen H.Ginneen H. ★★★★★ The doctors & staff here are professional & take great care of her. They love my furbaby too.Betty Y.Betty Y. ★★★★★ Amazing people who truly care for your pet!Tiffany BTiffany B ★★★★★ I took my senior cat here and found out that he had oral cancer and was about to die. Despite the terrible occasion, they were super friendly, professional, and did all they could to make sure he had a few more days with me on earth. The visit before the bad news they even texted a picture of my cat because they thought he was being cute after his meds which made me smile, so I attached it with this review. When it was time to put him down, they made it as easy as it could be for someone losing their best friend. After my cat passed away, I received a hand written letter with a sentence or two from many of the employees there. Because of that act, I decided to bring my new kitten there after a month or two of grieving. They have been great with my new kitten, who had an upper respiratory infection, and didn't prescribe medication right away to give his body a chance to fight it off naturally. That didn't work so I had to go back, and got medication, but I feel that their actions were always the right ones. They make sure you understand what's happening, and make the lines of communication super simple by accepting paperwork or appointments via text messaging. My kitten isn't very scared of people, so the whole fear free certification was never something I sought out, but they have a little cubby cats can hide in, provide toys for them to play with, and have good treats to help reward animals with positive reinforcement. This is the only vet I've really been to, and when talking with friends in the area, I think it's the only vet I would ever need. They really do seem to care.Tim E.Tim E. ★★★★★ Have been going to KCAC. Very professional and kind to my babies!Ed M.Ed M. ★★★★★ I took our cat Gary whos almost 9 in for autoimmune dermatitus skin disease. Dr. Cutler and staff were amazing to Gary and still coming up with a stronger treatem treatement to get Gary out of his cone collar. I highly reccomend anybody searching for a most compassionate vet to bring your animal to take them here . You will not be dissapointed, i assure you 👍👍👍🥰sandy M.sandy M. ★★★★★ My husband and I recently visited Kiln Creek Animal Care to put down our elderly dog and the staff was incredibly caring and informative throughout the entirety of the process. About a week after the appointment we received a sympathy card in the mail with handwritten notes from all the employees. We recently moved further from our previous vet and have been looking for a new vet for regular visits, so we will definitely be returning with our other pets. It was a very sweet gesture, especially for not having been to this vet before. I found out after that a coworker also uses Kiln Creek for their vet and only had positive things to say as well. We look forward to continuing to use Kiln Creek in the future!Jessica O.Jessica O. ★★★★★ Staff is great. Took us right in when we arrived. No waiting. Took great care of Cody!Melissa M G.Melissa M G. ★★★★★ I love how they handle my pets with love and respect.Leonel M.Leonel M. ★★★★★ Outstanding service!Tony S.Tony S. ★★★★★ I had to take my rabbit there on a Saturday due to an ear infection. They are not my regular vet but they got her in, took great care of her and eased my mind. The staff is caring and thorough. I will definitely come back if I ever have the need again. Thank you Dr. Cutler for your help.L R.L R. ★★★★★ Amazing people, super friendly, gave my fur friend lots of love and attention, very informative.. price wasn't to shabby eitherJeremy D.Jeremy D. ★★★★★ We’ve only been coming here since last year but after our first visit we decided this is our new vet! They are fear free which is so comforting. The staff is friendly and attentive. They treat your pet as one of their own and they’re kind which is very important to me. They are knowledgeable and can always answer any question(s) I ask. My cat likes coming here because they always give him the good treats and lots of attention . 😉 Don’t look around anymore, this is the place to go!Here’s my baby, Leo. 💕Lisa H.Lisa H. ★★★★★ If you have a doggie and live in this area, I recommend going here. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are great about letting you know about costs. Our lab had to cross the rainbow bridge recently and they were so kind to us during the time we were there. The vet did everything they possibly could to help us and our doggie through his journey. It was an extremely difficult time and we felt the vet was there through every step showing compassion and love towards our dog. I would recommend them to anyone that has a dog.Truman G.Truman G. ★★★★★ I would highly recommend it to new clients! This place is lovely. All of the staff are friendly and considerate. I took my puppy first time to the vet, and it was a fantastic experience. The staff was so passionate and communicative. I got answers to all of the questions as a new puppy owner. Dr. Spannagel is the perfect vet; she was pleasant and professional. I would love to visit next time as well🐾Halynn H.Halynn H. ★★★★★ I decided to try Kiln Creek Animal Care because they are a no fear vet and have extra certifications in treating cats. My cat has had some traumatic experiences in the past so vet visits always stress him out. The staff was friendly, helpful, and quick, and they were very patient and caring about my high maintenance fur baby. I will certainly be back!Amber DAmber D ★★★★★ Wouldn't take my four legged son anywhere but here.J 5.J 5. ★★★★★ The communication/information was effectively explained. The Staff was very friendly and professional. The facility is nice, clean, and well organized. There was not a long wait period for my fur baby to be seen and they treated him well. This was a great first impression! I will definitely recommend them to others.Stephane M.Stephane M. ★★★★★ Both of my girls are extremely anxious rescue dogs. They're scared of pretty much everything but the staff at Kiln Creek Animal Care are so kind and gentle with them. They do such a good job of making sure my dogs are comfortable before they do anything so that they aren't scared. My dogs are completely warming up to the clinic and the staff, making vet visits so much less stressful for everyone. I recommend them to everyone and anyone with a pet. They're in such good hands at Kiln Creek Animal Care!Eumee S.Eumee S. ★★★★★ My favorite place to take my pups. Everyone loves them and are so patient with my giant puppy. I have a Giant Schnauzer who they have cared for since we brought him home. Everyone is informative and patient. Best vet office around!Nyshae G.Nyshae G. ★★★★★ The staff are so nice and friendly/professional you could not find a better place to bring your pets.Jeff G.Jeff G. ★★★★★ Always loving, knowledgeable, and safe service here. Amazing people!Wesley “djweso” O.Wesley “djweso” O. ★★★★★ I’ve brought my exotic pets to Kiln Creek in Newport News for years now and they are the best veterinarian near me!They have two amazing veterinarians who handle the exotic pets, Dr. Cutler and Dr. Mueller. They see a bunch of different small animals / exotic pets. For example, I was told they see ferrets, rabbits, sugar gliders, reptiles, fishes and more!Thank you Kiln Creek Animal Care for getting my snake, “Slim” in so quickly. :)See you soon.Jacob D.Jacob D. ★★★★★ Staff including our Vet, were all very friendly, engaging, and eagerly listened to my concerns. What's more my Furry baby had a happy wagging tail throughout the visit. They stand by their NO fear motto and made us all feel very comfortable! The facility was clean and I love how they provide you with a completed detail assessment of the visit. Our first visit and I highly recommend this practice! 👌 ❤️CHERYL R.CHERYL R. ★★★★★ Kiln Creek Animal Clinic is by far the best veterinary clinic I have ever experienced. They always put my pets first and treat them like there own, which is such a relief because I always want my babies to feel safe. This clinic in the short time I have been going here has gone above and beyond in every way imaginable and I can't say enough amazing things about them. If your looking for the best and most affordable care for your pets THIS IS THE PLACE!! My only regret is that I didn't find them soonerKyle R.Kyle R. ★★★★★ Best experience ever. Thank youMo A.Mo A. ★★★★★ The staff is so great. They asked me awhile back to see my baby girl in a TuTu so I brought her in this time in one. They are so good with my tiny babies and so quick to respond to questions. I have never been happier with the vet care we get. Tried to get a copy of the picture with vet to add to this post. If you are looking for a kind, gentle and caring staff you need to check out Kiln Creek VetChris (.Chris (. ★★★★★ I can’t recommend this place enough. Very professional and friendly staff, clean exam rooms, and reasonable prices. I was shocked that I was able to get a same day appointment too. Thank you for everything!Brooke S.Brooke S. ★★★★★ You will not find a better vet clinic for your fur babies! The ladies here are all phenomenal!Christy B.Christy B. ★★★★★ The staff members are super nice and very compassionate. The medical professionals are as well. I love the fact that they have a vet on duty all the time and I have been able to get same day appointments. They took such amazing care of my pup when she was injured. I trust them and my Sparky does too.Geri F.Geri F. ★★★★★ Dr. Colter and Dr. Spannagel are so compassionate and kind to all our animals, even the reptiles! When we visit the vets and techs love on our pets and make sure they are having a stress-free visit. I appreciate how they answer my one million questions and don’t rush the appointment. We love having them as our vets.Nadiah D.Nadiah D. ★★★★★ Both of my kittens were neutered at Kiln Creek Animal Care and so far they seem to be doing very well. Kiln Creek Animal Care provides excellent service, all the staff are very professional and patient. I would like to recommend this clinic to all friends who have pets.RIVER H. H.RIVER H. H. ★★★★★ Absolutely loved the techs and vet we saw this morning. Very caring and compassionate for the fur baby and the nervous momma.Martha E.Martha E. ★★★★★ The doctors and staff provide great care.Tara C.Tara C. ★★★★★ My husband and I are new puppy parents. The staff at Kiln Creek Animal Care has been amazing!! They're very kind and courteous and happy to answer any questions we have about our dog, Luna. They're excited to see Luna come in, and they always treat her as if she were their dog. I enjoy that they're a no fear animal care center. This makes taking Luna to them for anything so much easier...she actually wants to go when necessary. I highly recommend taking any of your furry friends to Kiln Creek Animal Care... they'll care for your four legged friends the way you do too!!Leslie K.Leslie K. ★★★★★ Fear free, courteous place to take your pet!We had a great experience, and they walked me through ever step. The whipped cream on an oven mitt was a smart move to give a shot. Our nervous Nelly beagle didn’t care or even mind.We were able to get our health certificate to travel to the Virgin Islands, we are moving, the staff at Kiln Creek knew that but still treated us well.John PJohn P ★★★★★ Madi IS ABSOLUTELY AN EARTH ANGEL!!!!!!! I AM SO SO IMPRESSED WITH HER LEVEL OF COMPASSION AND PROFESSIONALISMMy boys Max and Toby are so blessed to have someone like her to help me keep them healthy ❤️We love you MADI 😍 see you next week! Woof woof 😍Tammy C.Tammy C. ★★★★★ The best place in town to get treatment for animals. The vets are very knowledgeable and will work with you and your pet to get the best possible treatment.Toby D.Toby D. ★★★★★ Very caring and understandingDeja S.Deja S. ★★★★★ As both a pet parent and a pet behavior professional I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the care that KCAC provides to me, my pets, and my clients and their pets.They have always been kind and communicative with me, and take my concerns and questions seriously. The are adaptive to my pets' needs and to working with me while seeing mutual clients' pets. I am thrilled to be working with a a veterinary practice that wants to continue to improve their Fear Free understanding and practices. Having worked in the veterinary field myself I understand how stressful this type of environment can be for humans and animals and these women have done a great job pursuing low stress for everyone - pets, their parents, and the staff. In the just the few years I've been working with them and taking my own pets to them I have seen great improvements as they take their continuing education for both medical advancements as well as behavioral education seriously and passionately. It's been a pleasure working with KCAC and I look forward to continuing to work with them and have them care for my pets.Sydney W.Sydney W. ★★★★★ Best vet I've ever been to by far. My pit is an anxious dude and has always been so scared at every appointment he's been to, and would shake on and off for a good chunk of the rest of the day afterwards. He definitely would never dream of willingly approaching any personnel, temptation of treats or not. But on his first visit here, the staff were so patient and kind with him that he actually accepted treats, and even more surprisingly was willing to eat straight from their hand, which is just. Insane to me. He kissed??? One of their faces????? He's such a shy and nervous dog???? It happened so quickly???? I'm so proud of him???? And so thankful for such a wonderful team!! The techs were just the sweetest and super knowledgeable, and our vet was willing to work at his pace to make sure he was as comfortable as possible at every step and made me the most confident in his care that I've ever been. He wasnt pulling to leave and he wasnt anxious at all on the way back home - another first. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!!Bree B.Bree B. ★★★★★ They have always taken great care of our pets and show so much compassion. They are a fear free vet meaning they take the utmost care in making sure pets are calm and comfortable.Farid M.Farid M. ★★★★★ We needed a vet appointment because Oliver wasn't eating and hardly drinking. We were able to get a same day appointment which was a big relief. He is normally terrible at the vet and needs to be heavily sedated to even be examined. This clinic is fear free certified and I think it really made a difference! He didn't need to be sedated even for blood work and xrays. The staff was spectacular and got him feeling better. I will be taking all our pets here from now on!Sarah E.Sarah E. ★★★★★ I travel a lot! These people here are so kind and amazing at their workplace. They always find someway to accommodate my schedule and my Dogs needs.Joshua Roberts (.Joshua Roberts (. ★★★★★ Kind vets, large, clean facility, and a dedication to ensuring your pets feel safe. Loved how my vets were willing to stay and chat with me and answer all my questions!Rebecca KRebecca K ★★★★★ Love their pet portal... Easy to download pet records and make appointments. Staff is very fast and efficient.jaime booth (Lady J.jaime booth (Lady J. ★★★★★ The staff in there is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I loved the way they treated us! Thank you for everything.Maribel C.Maribel C. ★★★★★ It was my first time there . They made me feel welcomed. Staff was warm and friendly and loved my little baby kitten . The Doctor was great and so was the crew that took care of my 5 weeks old kitten . I will switch to Kiln Creek Animal Care with my other 2 cats . This is a 7 star 🌟 place. 🇺🇸✝️🐈🐈‍⬛William G.William G. ★★★★★ Maggie , Anna , and Dr mueller did amazing with my ferret Oliver! They trimmed his nails and did all the initial husbandry needs for a new ferret entering the family. <3Kassandra F.Kassandra F. ★★★★★ Friendly, efficientSharon G.Sharon G. ★★★★★ Amazing & patient staff! Thank you for taking care of Aldo & MollyCari S.Cari S. ★★★★★ Most caring and amazing staff!Skylar D.Skylar D. ★★★★★ These professionals care about you and your animals. My wife has been a veterinarian Nurse for 25 years before moving over to human medicine. The Dr's and Nurses and staff all treat everyone with respect and understanding. They have been able to provide great comfort for our special needs animals (we have all the old and broken animals) Highly recommend this group of professionals.MountaineerFoxMountaineerFox ★★★★★ Thank you so much Dr.Mueller, my sweet son Oliver is no longer suffering and is having fun up in doggy heaven thank you for being kind, gentle, and understanding with him. I truly appreciate you and this staff. I am a client from another vet, but now I will be taking my other dog Bailey here and future pets. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.AnnaAnna ★★★★★ Had a great experience! They were able to see my dog last minute when the vet I normally went to could not fit us in. The staff were very pleasant and helpful. Dr Spannagel was great. I just might switch and make them my regular veterinarian office. I would definitely recommend them.Robin H.Robin H. ★★★★★ I called Kiln Creek Animal Care because of an emergency situation with Cassie, my cat. Although they were completely booked with a waiting list for appointments, Dr. Bolton adjusted her schedule to see Cassie the day of my call. Cassie was treated for an illness that took two months to remedy with Dr. Bolton's caring diligence and expertise and the exceptional KCAC staff. I am so very grateful to Dr. Bolton and the staff and highly recommend their care! Cassie says thank you too!! P. ErnestPatti E.Patti E. ★★★★★ We needed an emergency appointment for our new furbaby and although new to this practice we were given an appointment within the hour. Thank you Casey at the from desk! Huge thanks to everyone. Stephanie the assistant and Dr. Mueller. Tessa is feeling better already.Donna H.Donna H. ★★★★★ Dr. Mueller and Alaina Lucas were extremely compassionate and made our Millie feel safe and comfortable. They took us in at last minute to remove a tick found over her eye. They are the employees that make people love and trust a vetinary clinic!! Keepers for sure!!Pam L.Pam L. ★★★★★ For the past 6 months our sweet dog has had numerous serious health issues. The staff at Kiln Creek have been absolutely incredible…so caring, willing to go above and beyond, incredibly responsive…I could go on and on. It’s clear they love him almost as much as we do.Carolyn R.Carolyn R. ★★★★★ I love the personal attention my cat, Missy receives at KC. They genuinely care about the relationship between the pet and the owner, as well as the health of the pet!!Jacqueline P.Jacqueline P. ★★★★★ I got an appointment as a new patient quickly and easily. I was greeted with sincere smiles and seen by a compassionate doctor who took special care of my hyper-anxious fur baby.LOOK NO FURTHER; THIS IS YOUR VET!!Courtney R.Courtney R. ★★★★★ I would recommend KCAC to anyone. They take amazing care of every animal that steps in that building! I have multiple exotic animals (specifically degus), and it’s hard to find good clinics that take care of them. My degus have had to come in a couple times and every time my guys get the best care. Dr. Mueller and Anna are amazing!!!Melanie M.Melanie M. ★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic staff. Quick appointments and loving care.Tom D.Tom D. ★★★★★ Dr. Spannagel and her team were with me and my husband during one of our hardest time when we had to put our pup, Dante to sleep. Dr. Spannagel was kind, empathetic, and explained to us what caused my pup to be this sick and interventions going forward. It was a difficult decision and one that I'm glad to have her on Dante's team. The technicians were very gentle with Dante and made sure he was comfortable. We stayed with him for as long as we wanted and I'm grateful that we were able to do so. We parted ways with Dante in our own time.We received Dante's ashes in a beautiful brown wooden box with an engraved statement (one we chose) and his paw print.Thank you once again to Dr. Spannagel and Kiln Creek Animal Care for your kindness..."Floppy ears for life"Karmeena C.Karmeena C. ★★★★★ I’m giving 5 stars to Kiln Creek animal vet because unfortunately this morning I had to rush my sweet hamster in to be euthanized in an emergency situation due to an injury and after calling multiple places and being told “No” I was giving up hope.. I thought I called the emergency vet because I was in such a chaotic state but called Kiln Creek Animal Care and they got us in immediately.. I didn’t have an appointment and was not a client with them but within the 15 min drive it took us, they were set up and ready for us and the nursing staff and doctor came in IMMEDIATELY. Let me just say that I’ve never in my life been treated with so much respect, especially for the life of a hamster. I’ve also never experienced such a welcoming, loving staff and doctor to treat my pet. One of the staff members even offered to try and take her paw prints. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot say enough thanks to Kiln Creek Animal Care for taking care of my little girl.shelby B.shelby B. ★★★★★ On my very First visit to this Veterinarian Hospital I was Impressed! The Place is Clean, Neat-everything in place.ans extremely welcoming. My Thanks goes out to the amazing Staff who were all very kind & thoughtful. Most of all I am extremely grateful to Dr. Chelsea who was super wonderful, you spoke to me in language that I could understand, you were Warm, thoughtful & Extremely Kind! Thank You & Thank you to all the Ladies!Judith G.Judith G. ★★★★★ Took my 10 week old beagle puppy Scotti, for our first visit with Kiln Creek Animal Care today. They handled him with so much love and care, he didn’t even notice his shot. Dr.Cutler was so nice, as was the entire staff we met. Just purchased our home locally from Long Island, New York & we are so happy to have them as our vet from this point forward.Lexi R.Lexi R. ★★★★★ We have been going to Kiln Creek Animal Care for the past 18 years. The staff at Kiln Creek is professional, and caring. Wonderful staff!! Love them!!Romaine K.Romaine K. ★★★★★ Best vet I've ever visited. They love my cat, Piper and Piper loves them. If it wasn't for Dr. Cutler's examination, I would of never known that my baby had a aggressive injection site sarcoma. Dr. Cutler was able to recommend me to a specialist where Piper could get surgery to have it removed quickly. Thank you to Dr. Cutler and thank you to all the staff for always looking after Piper.C. C.C. C. ★★★★★ Great people who want the best for your pet. Glad I found this place!!Leslie R.Leslie R. ★★★★☆ Needed an immediate appointment for a dog with a bladder stone blockage. They got us right in and were very caring and compassionate. My only complaint was the pricing was outrageous. They charged me over $2500 for a surgery that my vet had charged me around $600 for twice before.Beth G.Beth G.js_loader

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Our Services

Kiln Creek Animal Care offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Fear Free pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses
  • Fear Free animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  • Pet surgery including spay and neuter
  • Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases
  • And many more

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In my opinion, Kiln Creek Animal Hospital offers the best care of any of the other four care centers I have delt with throughout the years.

Susan K.

All staff is very professional. The facility is sparkling clean. All staff treats our pets, and us, extremely well, and genuinely expressing their concern for our babies.

Marilyn G.

My dogs love going to the Vet! Kiln Creek provides the best care, and are always courteous and professional.

Jennifer C.

Kiln Creek Animal Care is the ultimate in animal care! The doctors and staff are always kind, friendly, respectful and go beyond to make both the animal and owner feel welcomed and at home in a clinic environment.

Pam L.

I love Kiln Creek Animal Care! Everyone is always so sweet & extremely professional. I can trust that my baby is well taken care of here!

Maigan G.