Hospital Policies

Appointment Policy

To allow ample time for all patients and scheduled surgical procedures, we operate primarily by appointment. Emergency cases shall always receive top priority, which is why occasional appointment delay is inevitable. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time. If you are a new client, we will advise you how early to arrive to your appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Patient Arrival Policy

For your protection, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms. All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash. We ask that you do not bring your pet in on a retractable leash; if necessary, a slip-lead leash can be provided for you. For the safety of all animals in our care, we require that all vaccinations be up to date. Even though we make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable during visits, they may be a little uneasy about new people, new surroundings and other pets. This is one of the reasons we ask you to restrain your pet. We recommend that animals be placed on a leash or in pet carriers before entering the waiting room.

Prescription Refill Policy

At our clinic, we are able to accept prescription orders & refills through online pharmacies that are recognized and deemed legitimate by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. We are able to write a written script for online pharmacy use or approve online prescription requests via fax. We cannot give verbal prescription authorizations to online pharmacies. Exam and lab work requirements must still be met for prescriptions orders & refills.

We require full payment at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Care Credit, Scratchpay, cash and personal checks.

Vaccine Policy for Boarding

For the safety of your pet and other pets staying in the hospital, we require that pets be up to date on all vaccines prior to boarding. For dogs, this means they must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, the Bivalent Canine Influenza, and a negative fecal screening for intestinal parasites. If your dog’s Bordetella vaccine is overdue by 14 days or more, they are required to have a Bordetella vaccine administered orally or intranasally at least 72 hours prior to boarding drop-off, while injectable Bordetella vaccines will need to be administered at least 14 days prior to boarding drop-off. If your dog has not had the Bivalent Canine Influenza vaccine, they are still able to board as long as other vaccine/fecal screening requirements are met and documentation can be provided that the series has been started. You will be required to sign a waiver stating you understand that your dog is not fully vaccinated until 14 days after their second Bivalent Canine Influenza vaccine. All cats must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, and a negative fecal screening for intestinal parasites. If your pet has not had a fecal in the last 6 months and is current on other vaccine requirements, we are able to complete a fecal screening per our boarding policy at no exam cost. There is a cost to complete the fecal screening. If your pet’s fecal screening comes back positive for any intestinal parasites, we are required to complete an exam to prescribe necessary deworming medication and you will be responsible for payment of treatment.